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Upcoming Events

  • Mindful Yoga
    Multiple Dates
    Thu, 02 Jun
    Via Zoom
    02 Jun, 19:00 – 20:30
    Via Zoom
    Online Mindful Yoga, connect with your heart and body through mindfully lead yoga. Register now for booking details once they open.
  • Free 1-2-1 Discussion with our Mindfulness Teacher
    At a time to suit you
    At a time to suit you
    Mindfulness has become a popular word this days, with many apps and books offering mindfulness teaching. This session is an opportunity to discuss what mindfulness is, what you are looking for from mindfulness, what the Mindfulness Based Living Course involves and if the course is right for you
  • Mindful Yoga coming soon
    Time is TBD
    Via Zoom
    Time is TBD
    Via Zoom
    Online Mindful Yoga starting soon! Connect with your heart and body through mindfully lead yoga. Register now for booking details once they open.
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Finding peace in times of uncertainty 

With over 20 years’ experience we combine the knowledge we have gained from our many teachers and pupils to create compassionate, creative and supportive mindfulness courses. We run online introductory sessions and 8-week Courses.

We specialise in mindfulness for NHS staff. 

Our course are created and run my NHS staff for NHS staff.



Strong Foundations

Originally created as an integration of Buddhist mindfulness meditation practice and contemporary psychology, mindfulness is a secular intervention found to enhance wellbeing.  Mindfulness can be

described as “awareness of present experience with acceptance”.

Since the creation of Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) in 1979 mindfulness has become wide spread.

Many studies have looked at the effect of mindfulness, finding that it decreases the level of stress and anxiety. Mindfulness is reported to not only have a role in decreasing stress levels but of increasing empathy levels. 

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The real meditation is how you live your life.

Jon Kabat-Zinn



Research shows that Mindfulness can help with:

  • recurrent depression

  • chronic pain

  • anxiety disorders

  • insomnia

  • addictive behaviour

  • stress

  • chronic fatigue syndrome

White Flowers

It’s nice to just remember that there is beauty in everything . It’s nice, it sounds cheesy, but there are things that I see that normal people don’t, people that don’t practice mindfulness.

Past course participant

I’ve really enjoyed  it as well because it’s really opened my mind  to how you can just be mindful  every day, you don’t have to do a thing or take time out you can just like do it. You can just do it throughout the day, really it doesn’t take time out of your life, you could be just walking to uni and like that could be your mindful moment you don’t have to do it any other time.

Past course participant

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