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Straight from the Source


The whole thing really opened my mind to be self-aware about myself, mindful about myself.

6 week course participant


Meditation by the Sea

It’s nice to just remember that there is beauty in everything . It’s nice, it sounds cheesy, but there are things that I see that normal people don’t, people that don’t practice mindfulness.

Past course participant

I’ve really enjoyed  it as well because it’s really opened my mind  to how you can just be mindful  every day, you don’t have to do a thing or take time out you can just like do it. You can just do it throughout the day, really it doesn’t take time out of your life, you could be just walking to uni and like that could be your mindful moment you don’t have to do it any other time.

Past course participant

Group Discussion

I’m just grateful that you introduced it into my life. I like the group dynamics. And you were really honest. You didn’t judge. And we were honest too, we could say ‘that did not work for me this week’ or ‘that went horribly wrong’… It’s an up and down journey and we can learn from every bit of it.

Previous course participant


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